These 10 Cuties Have No Idea What A Mess Is The World They Live In

Sometimes i do envy the animals. They come to this world, do their circle of life without having a clue on what is going on out there. And they go out of this world same as they came in, clueless. Clueless of what a giant garbage fire has the globe become with every passing year.
But especially the 2016 has had its share of surprises. Where this surprises pleasant or not, that is not relevant. This article is about the innocence and clueless of the animals regarding their surroundings.

#1 Like this adorable puppy girl that has no clue what so ever of what is going on this year.


#2 And here is a tiny fluffy kitten. Just by looking at her pure eyes you can immediately tell her innocence. Lucky for her that can not see nor understand cable news.


What do you think?

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