They didn’t want to treat her skin condition, so they abandoned her. This is how she looks today…

A family decided to abandon their white German Shepherd, and leave her in a shelter, just because they didn’t want to treat her skin condition. We are talking about Gemma, a white German Shepherd who started developing a skin condition after being with her family for a long time. When the family started noticing an oily residue on her body, and that she started shedding more than always, they decided to give up on her. All they had to do was take her to the vet, and with a little bit of medication, treatment, and care everything would get back to normal. But unfortunately she was destined at ending up on a shelter.
At the shelter, the volunteers had her cleaned, and immediately noticed that she was suffering from Demodectic Mange, a condition that was entirely treatable. Soon St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary stepped in, and offered their farm to treat Gemma. As soon as Gemma got to the sanctuary she formed a really special bond with one of the girl in there. The girl decided to get Gemma home and foster her, until she fully recovered.

While Gemma was living with her foster parents, they discovered that she was pregnant, and she was about to give birth to 5 healthy puppy. And she did gave birth to five beautiful, healthy little puppies. Luckily the puppies got adopted right away, but Gemma still remained with the family for a little longer. When the Vet agreed that her skin was fully treated, and once her skin recovered fully, they put her up for adoption. Once she was put for adoption, a woman was very interested in Gemma. In the video below you will see that Gemma was adopted to a very loving home, and now she is looking more gorgeous than ever. Please share.

Source: Viralnova

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