Three Lion Cubs Surround A Tiny Dog. Then He Finally Turns Around…

This video is just funny. Definitely, the concept of fear is very complicated for dogs. This tiny dog is a Jack Russell, and as the video shows is surrounded by three lions while he is watching his own business.
Don’t miss the funny part of the video when the three lions try so came near and near the puppy. It’s very interesting the the way he want to protect his food. Usually dogs are passive with cats expect any case.Its very funny to see these the lions getting scared from this tiny puppy.

The video show clearly he doesn’t want to fight them, he just want to show that it is his table food and that territory can not be passed. I truly find it funny the away is reaches to scare of not one lion but three. This dog deserves a big Bravo for the bravery.

What do you think?

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