Vets declare a lifeless, newborn puppy dead. 30 minutes later, it takes its first breath

A newborn pup is a true living miracle. He came back to life 30 minutes after the vet declared him dead. He was born with a C-section.
He was the puppy of a stray pregnant dog that was brought in the clinic from a stranger. Since she was having a hard time giving birth on her own, the doctors decided she needed an emergency C-section.

But sadly the veterinarians thought that the pup was born dead, due to the late intervention. Although heartbroken for losing a new life before he could have the chance to live in the first place they declared him dead and focused on the mums recovery.

But after 30 minutes later the pup showed movement, which left the doctors in shock. It was indeed a miracle, and seemed like his desire to live overcomed the death.

These two lives were saved due to the kindness of a total stranger. If he wouldn’t have brought her in the clinic, chances are that both of them would have died in the street.

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