Woman reads to shelter dogs to make them happier

A sweet lady from Pittsburgh has found the sweetest way to comfort old shelter dogs. What she does is such a small act, but makes a big difference. Time after time, she goes at the shelter sits in front of the dogs and starts reading books for them. The life of these old shelter dogs might be very lonely and painful, but this lady is doing her part to ease their pain.

“Biscuit and the Little Pup” was the book that the lady once was reading for an old pit bull named Jade. The photo of the lady reading for the dogs was shared by a redditor nicknamed puglife123. The event took place at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society where puglife123 also volunteers.

Dogs don’t really understand what the is woman reading, but they surely enjoy it. Different studies have shown that when dogs hear a calm human voice they can relate to it, relax and feel more comfortable. Reading makes them feel peaceful, and somehow could make their  “miserable life” a little bit more pleasant.


The Animal Rescue League of Berks county also located in Pennsylvania runs a special program called “Book Buddies.” The purpose of this club is to make shelter pets feel less lonely and more loved. Children volunteer to read to shelter pets. This way children learn how to love pets and respect them; on the other side they also practice their reading skills during their free time.


In my opinion this act shows a lot affection and care about these abandoned adorable creatures. If anyone has some free time, a pet shelter near your house, and a sweet voice; then do not hesitate to make your contribution to make this world a better place. Animals will always and forever be our best friends  and will love us UNCONDITIONALLY.



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