Malamute meets a tiny kitten for the first time

Malamute meets a tiny kitten

This video was posted from the owners of this beautiful Husky Malamute a couple of weeks ago! The little tiny fluffy kitten was found abandoned in the street from the owner of the Husky Malamute! Since the owners of the dog felt sorry about the little kitten, they decided to bring it home!

I guess they were not expecting this kind of reaction from the huge dog. As the little kitten crawls around because she can’t understand where she is, you can see how the big boy gets scared. Its not like he is afraid of a little ling kitten, I guess he feels unsure about the tiny creature in front of him! He wants to smell it, yet he wants to stay away because he’s afraid to touch her!  Enjoy this adorable video of these two precious creatures.

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