Husky winter adventure into the wilderness

Do you like to have an adventure with a Husky dog? I have found one of the most breathtaking places on earth to experience a one of a lifetime adventure. God has been so generous with some specific countries, and one of them is Finland. The place i am about to present is located there, and it is called Harrinivia Hotels and Safaries. Harrinivia Hotels and Safaris is a group of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs, salons and so on. It is the ideal place to go anytime of the year if you are seeking adventures. In winter time visitors could enjoy; skiing, snow-boarding, take snowmobile rides, and catch the Northern lights. On the other hand the warm months bring their own beauty into the adventure. Visitors could pursuit the outdoor activities such as river rafting, or biking over the rugged trails.

Image sourceHotel Harriniva

For Husky lovers there are a few “Husky dog astonishing winter adventures. “So for those of you who were looking for Winter adventures, here’s the place to go. Let me start presenting you the first Husky winter adventure.

It is called “Discover the wilderness 5-day Husky tour.” Did you know that this adventure will take place in Pallas-Ylläs National Park, in North-West Lapland, which has been considered to have the second cleanest air in the world? In this adventure each guest will have the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness, the beauty, and the magic of the place. The most amazing thing is that each and every one of the visitors will have the right to drive a six-husky-dog-sleigh for six days under supervision. After the ride, the guest is the one taking care of the huskies. He/she will have to feed them, and make sure they get some rest.

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The second Husky winter adventure is called “Lapland expedition 7-day special husky tour.” Unlike the first Husky winter adventure, this one is made for those with previous dog-sledding experience. Different from the previous Husky winter adventure, this 7-day special husky tour would include 300 km, or 187.5 miles in arctic nature. In this safari visitors would learn how to cooperate with their husky dog team, and learn better how to take better care of them. Furthermore visitors should appreciate the stunning views, and beautiful northern landscapes that this safari offers.

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If you love huskies, but you feel like you don’t know enough about them this is your adventure. The third Husky winter adventure is called “Who wants to be a musher.” There is no better place in the world to learn more about husky dogs, than in this Husky winter adventure dedicated all to them. Harriniva Hotels and Safaris have 400 husky dogs in this special Husky winter adventure. Since the adventure lasts just a week, the visitors should be trained how to take care of “their huskies,” be tested if they have learned properly, and the last two days (if deserved) the guests have the opportunity to pick a dog team, and to form a dog sleigh. For two days the visitor has the right to head into the woods, and enjoy the Husky winter adventure with its own-trained dog sleigh.

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