They should call this place the Saint Bernard’s Island. Find out the reason why

Recently we have found out a special place off the coast of Canada called Lasqueti. The reason I think this place is special, is because it is really different form the world we live in. The island is relatively small, and a few people can live there. The reason a few people can live there, is because the island life looks a lot like the life of 19th Century. A lot of commodities of nowadays, are complete strange for the lifestyle of this island. There is no indoor plumbing, no mainstream power sources, and neighbors are scarce.
Even thought the life quality is not the regular life quality people nowadays are used to have, looks like the people who do live in the island are trying to make the best out of their life. In this post you will see that in this island, a big family of Saint Bernard’s live in. This is the reason why I decided to call it Saint Bernard’s Island.

One family in this amazing place breeds Saint Bernard’s, and they have a family of 42 dogs. Do you get now the idea of calling this place Saint Bernard’s Island? Can you imagine waking up everyday to a huge family of 42 dogs of the same breed? Well if you have no idea what that looks like then you might wanna check the picture below and the video. In the video you will see how does the pack get along, and what would it look like if you ever decided to take a walk in the Saint Bernard’s Island. I would totally enjoy such an experience because it would be really special. Saint Bernard’s are a very friendly, and sweet dog breed, so why not live for one day with their big beautiful family?

Source: Viralnova

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