This Dog REALLY Hates His Human’s Singing And Would Like This Fresh Hell To Stop

Christmas carols are big part of the holiday spirit and since we since we are in holiday season, people feel the right to sing them everywhere even if singing is not their thing. As much as people love Christmas carols there are others that hate them so much, they can not even bare to hear a sound of their melody.

The big fluffy boy over hear seems to hate them as much as he hates the voice of his adoptive dad singing carols out loud around the house. Seeing the expressions he makes, you can imagine how badly his ears are bleeding from the horrible sound of his human voice. At least that is what he thinks, perhaps someone else would love to hear them being sung all day long.

The whole idea came up to his adoptive dad as a surprise he wanted to make to his partner singing “The 12 Days of Christmas” along with his Bullmastiff. The funny video went viral the moment he posted it on social media and has been viewed 6 million times so far.

What do you think?

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