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This is what she found in the fridge, after leaving it open for a couple of seconds

If you have a Husky, and you live in a warm weather country, then I think your dog goes through a lot of trouble. Huskies suffer in a warm climate. They have a double coat, therefore living in hot temperatures is really tough. So if you live in an exotic country, or in a country with high temperatures, then you better not get a Husky. You will just make them go through a lot of pain.

Take a look at this Husky girl named Luna. She is located in Florida, and she has to get comfortable with the hot temperatures for the most part of the year. So the solution to her pain is this. Turn out Luna’s mother elves the fridge open for a couple of minutes, and Luna decided to go for it. I am guessing Luna got tempted by the cold chill temperatures, and thought of laying down in the fridge for a while.

I bet she felt so god, that when her mother sees her, she refuses to get out of that fridge. Even though Luna’s mother tells her to get out, she doesn’t even considers it as an option! If you have a baby Husky, and live in a warm climate, then your dog needs this very often. You have to either buy them a small personal fridge, or you have to take your dog in another country. What do you think of this little Husky? Do you find her really intimidating, and adorable? I sure did!

Source: Viralnova

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