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Learn 5 Ways On How To Keep Your Dog Calm Around Visitors

Keep your dog calm around visitors

Keep Your Dog Calm around visitors, with only 5 golden rules. This is the first step that every dog owner should consider.

Personally, I am very grateful to my grandparents (on my mother’s side) who taught me to live with animals and love them.

Each visit to them was a new adventure. I loved the way they organized their living with their animals. I laughed so much with them because the ducks were used to living at home. Consequently they accompanied my grandparents from behind all the time along with the dogs and cats.

This close relationship with animals has taught me not to worry about their reactions. But just accept and adopt with them. Anyway this is my experience, because others do not find it so easy to be ‘attacked’ by the dog’s love.

The less time someone has spent with animals, the more he is ‘annoyed’ by their reaction. To avoid this embarrassing moment, both for you and your friends, we suggest you start training.

dogs behavior

Keep Your Dog Calm Around Visitors.

Dogs are very expressive beings unlike cats which are not very involved in your pet-owner relationship. Remember, as soon as your door knocks, your dog is the first to wait for the guests and ready to lick them all. There are dogs who out of emotion urinate on your visitors, or want hugs and much more interactions like these.

Would you like to experience these kinds of reactions every time? What if your boss comes to visit you, or your spouse’s family members? I am imagining the embarrassment you will go through. To avoid all these unpleasant moments we offer you a simple routine with five steps to follow.

dogs behavior

5 rules that will educate your dog and create a more positive atmosphere with your guests around your house.
Teach your dog these rules and friends will be happy to visit you.

The first rule you need to teach your dog.

#1 Teach your dog to sit at the door while the guests come over.

The first step is for him to sit down, not to jump on your visitors. In this way he obeys and his emotions are reduced.

Keep Your Dog Calm around visitors

#2 Teach the dog to stay in one place.

This lesson has two positive sides. The dog goes to his designated place his bed or his favorite area in the house being protected from any surprises such as collisions or slips. On the other hand, visitors are not prevented from getting comfortable in their seats.

Keep Your Dog Calm around visitors

#3 Put the dog on the leash.

If you have an older dog who is not used to the first command, leash is the solution in such a case. Over time (big dog or just a puppy) they’ll learn that after they calm down the leash will come off.

Keep Your Dog Calm around visitors

#4 Be calm during the meeting with the guests.

Your dog’s training time should be taken seriously and with dedication. For this reason, before arranging a reception at home, inform your acquaintances. Let them know that your dog is training and that your tone of voice should be calm and low during conversations. Do not use emotional tones or exaggerated gestures during the conversation. Another thing to keep in mind is the organization of lunches / dinners with fewer people. In this sense your four-legged friend will get used to it regularly and keep calm.

Keep Your Dog Calm around visitors

#5 Use treats as a distraction.

Eliminate the use of emotional tools, such as throwing the ball, etc. Keep calm and pass this on to your dog as well. If you do not agree with his actions, try to give treats. Let friends know that the dog eats treats only from your hand and in certain places.

Keep Your Dog Calm around visitors

Follow these rules in order to create a welcoming environment for the dog yourself and your guests.


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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