When This Homeless Man Lost His Dog, A Kind Woman Stepped In To Help Get Him Back

Many of you might wonder how come a homeless man has a dog in the first place. If he can not support him self, how can he keep and take care of a dog. And you are rightfully to ask these questions.

I believe that in these case, the dogs are like their anchor. They give them comfort whenever they feel down and make it easier to pass by day by day I guess. As an animal lover and owner I know how important a pet can be in ones life and how deep that bound can be.

In this story, the homeless man lost his dog and he went searching for him at the pound. He was staying outside with a cartoon in his hands saying ‘dog in pound, need help’.

The reason he was standing there is because he did not have the $120 to get his beloved dog out. He had been obliged to spend a day in jail for trespassing. Witnessing this, the lady from the shelter stepped in to offer them help.

And you can tell after seeing the video, how happy the dog was to see his owner again.

Inspired by the story of the homeless man and his dog, the woman went a step ahead and started raising money for them.

What do you think?

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