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10 Animals Taking Selfies That Will Make You Smile

The popularity of selfies has reached even the animal kingdom. There as well, everyone is taken by the mania of taking multiple selfies during the day. They smile, laugh, mock and even pose grouping up in front of the camera. And of course the results can not be anything else but adorable as they give us an insight in the privacy of these mysterious creatures.

If for pets would be easier to find the way for them to capture a selfie, for wild life exotic animals, another approach was needed. This is how camera tapping was created, meaning that the photo it is taken at any moment an animal touches or even approaches the screen of a motion-sensing device. This way one can capture even shots of the most dangerous predators without invading their habitat.

We have here some of the shots taken by the animals them selves. At the moment they are making their way around the web and everyone is just fascinated by their originality.

#1 The gangs leader with his crew…

Animals Taking Selfies

#2 Capturing the snow and since we are at it, we captured or selves in it as well.

Animals Taking Selfies

#3 A female Celebes Crested Macaque, grabbed the photographers camera and took selfies with it perhaps without even realizing what she was doing. But from her smile I bet she had an idea.

#4 That guy ruined the perfect shot this quokka captured. He even put on his best smile for it, lol.

#5 This is typically one of those ‘Good Morning’ selfies.

#6 Oh please, I am beautiful and I know it.

#7 Feeling envy of these guy who got to have a selfie with a Kangaroo. So Epic!

Selifie with Kangaroo

#8 What the heck is that think….When curiosity gets the best of you!

#9 Yayyy, I love my life!

#10 What are you looking at huh..

What do you think?

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