25 Smallest Dog Breeds

Small dogs come from AKC groups, so there is a perfect match for every lover of small dogs in regard to personality, activity and coat type. Small dogs are not just lapdogs some of them can be very tough. Here we have a list with The 25 smallest dog breeds include the:

#1- Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher, which means monkey- terrier in German, has a fun- loving personality with the face and nature of a monkey. It is one of the oldest toy breeds and is called a “little devil with a moustache” in European countries.

Image SourceAffenpinscher Puppy

#2- Brussels Griffon

These sweaty dogs can be found in four different colors, red, black, black and tan, and black-and-reddish brown, and in two different types of coat either smooth or rough.   They create great relation with their owners and they can be trained easily. They are social friendly and they get along well with other animals and well behaved children.

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#3- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This beautiful, cute, energetic toy breed can easily be part of a family. It can adapt to all situations and is social friendly and easy to train.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

#4- Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are either long or short coated, tiny dogs with great personalities. They are enthusiastic, loyal and have a lot of energy. They love to run, play and spend time with their owners.

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Smallest Dog Breeds

#5- Chinese Crested

The hairless version of the Chinese Crested with spotted pink skin, spiky hair and furry hair is most recognized from people but there is also the breed with a long double coat. They are playful, loving and loyal. They have soft skin perfect for cold nights.

Image SourceChinese Crested - Smallest Dog Breeds

#6- Dachshund

These dogs have low and long bodies and they are the most popular dog according to AKC. They can be found in three different coat varieties, smooth, wirehaired and longhaired and they can have either miniature or standard size. They are friendly and ideal pet for your home.

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Smallest Dogs in the World

#7- English Toy Spaniel

The English toy spaniel is a lovely Toy breed with a merry personality. It is social friendly and can be a great pet for your children as it is very playful and loving. However, they still have their hunting instinct and can be fine for hunting spaniel.

Image SourceEnglish Toy Spaniel

#8- Havanese

The Havanese is a small friendly dog that comes from Cuba. It is loyal and makes great companions in the family. It has a lot of energy so it requires a daily exercise.

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#9- Italian Greyhound

IG’s are Greyhouse in miniature but equal in grace and elegance. They are loyal and friendly. These short coated and low-fat breeds need our love and attention especially in cold weather.

Image SourceItalian Greyhound Puppy

#10- Japanese Chin

Chin was bred to live in the lap of luxury and today make great companions. They are quiet, smart, sensitive and easily to train.

Japanese Chin - Smallest Dog Breeds
Smallest Dog Breeds

#11- Maltese

Maltese were bred to live in the lap of luxury. They are watchdogs and very playful. They are low- shedding and social friendly. They live long and it is characterized asx a “puppy clip” by many pet owners.

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#12- Miniature Pinscher

They are known as the “king of Toys” and they are high-stepping “hackney” gait. They are loyal watchdogs and make great companions.     

Image SourceMiniature Pinscher Puppy

#13- Norfolk Terrier

Nor folks are the smallest breed of terriers but they still have a large personality.  They are bred to hunt in packs and are more gregarious than the typically terrier.

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#14- Norwich Terrier

These breeds are stocky little dogs and are usually recognized by their “witch-hat” ears. However, toy sized breed was not built for living in a lap of luxury but they are naturally used as tough and fearless ratters.

Norwich Terrier Puppy

#15- Papillion

The Papillion, which means butterfly in French, is a small and friendly dog with erect, butterfly ears. They are suitable for life in an apartment and they can be easily entertained and exercised.

Image SourcePapillion

#16- Pekingese

Pekingese are intelligent and cute dogs that make good companions. Their small size makes them suitable for apartment life but you need to know that they need a yard to exercise and walk.


#17- Pomeranian

These dogs can be found either in orange or in red color with a smooth coat. They are loyal, watchdogs and very playful. They enjoy exercise or dog sports and they are social friendly.

Chubby Pomeranian
Smallest Dog Breeds

#18- Pug

The pug is a small, playful dog that loves to walk and to have fun outside. They are meant to live near to people and please them.

Pug Puppy

#19- Schipperke

The Schipperke is known for its mischievous expressions and his harsh black coat. They are watchdogs and very enthusiastic about life.

Schipperke Puppy

#20- Shih Tzu

This dog makes a good companion and can be a great house pet. It is friendly, loyal and requires minimal exercise.

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#21- Silky Terrier

They have been always bred as companions and reside in the Toy group, Silkys make great urban companions and they are closely associated with Sidney, in Australia.     

Image SourceSilky Terrier

#22- Toy Fox Terrier

These cute breeds are very friendly and outgoing. They are loyal dogs and are capable of a variety of activities, such hunting or lounging around sun or sofa all day.

Image SourceToy Fox Terrier

#23- Toy Manchester Terrier

These dogs were bred to hunt rats and they still have that ability today. They can turn from a sweet pet house to an efficient worker. This toy version is smaller than the larger Standard variety.

Image SourceToy Manchester Terrier

#24- Toy Poodle

The Poodle is a smart breed that enjoys all kinds of dog activities. It can be found in three different sizes, with the toy being the smallest. They have hypo allergic coat but they need also regular grooming.

Toy Poodle

#25- Yorkshire Terrier

They are wonderful and elegant dogs. They have strong personality which makes them capable of all kinds of dog sports and they make great travel companions. They are loyal to their owner and watchdogs, prefect for families with children.

Yorkshire Terrier - Small dog breeds

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