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10 Adorable Canine Posts That Proves Dogs Are Purest

Dogs Are The Purest

We have consistently described the fact that dogs are purest. They are the most extraordinary animals on the planet. Our relationship with them started centuries ago and continues to strengthen. Of course, times have changed as well as our coexistence with dogs. The dog is man’s favorite animal, on the other hand man is the most precious person to them. This perennial love continues to deepen between us.

Our need for protection and manpower pushed us to establish relationships with dogs. On the other hand they needed food and shelter during winter. According to recent studies, dogs lived approximately 20,000 years ago. It took us thousands of years of interaction until our friendship was finally born.

I read an epitaph for a dog that says:
“I am in tears, while carrying you to your last resting place as much as I rejoiced when bringing you home in my own hands fifteen years ago.”

However, we are now in a fantastic moment of our relationship. Today, our love flourishes in every corner of the world. Humans are adopting animals more and more every day, creating endless social spaces between man and animal.

So scroll on below and get ready to see the best posts about adorable dogs the last few months have to offer.

Dog Posts That Proves Dogs Are Purest


Dogs Are Purest
Dogs Are Purest


Dogs Are Purest


Dogs Are Purest


Dogs Are Purest


Dogs Are Purest







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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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