Adorable Labrador Dog Goes Crazy for Self-Fetch Toy

Labrador Dog Goes Crazy for Self-Fetch Toy received from his adoptive dad as a gift. He loves his puppy and this is very clear since he bought this type of toy to entertain his little one. We are talking about a GoDogGo Fetch Machine.

Labrador Dog Goes Crazy for Self-Fetch Toy

I can say that unlike other toys this device has been used endlessly by Buddy. He does a happy dance every time the self-fetching toy gets ready to throw the ball. The most important activity of the moment is playing with the new device. It is practical and highly efficient. You do not need the presence of a human to play, nor the presence of other dogs. 

I am in favor of such games because they are a great help for someone who has limited time. It is a practical choice which makes your dog happy and saves you time. While the benefits are undeniable, remember that being present in your dog’s life is essential. What I mean is: be closer to your pet physically, so that they can touch it, and feel your love.

Although his desire to play is immense, we must keep in mind the fact that we set game limits for our dogs. Discipline made people famous. He looks so damn cute jumping in place waiting for the next fetch. Good for you Buddy. Enjoy your toy. 

Labrador Dog Goes Crazy for Self-Fetch Toy


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