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The Boy Called His Dog Using The Harmonica And The He Came Running Towards Him

Not everyone that owns a dog gets to experience that special connection with his canine. And those who have should consider themselves lucky for the unique bond they share. This time we have the story of a little boy and his big dog that are inseparable.

They go around the fields near the house and use a sled that is put on the dogs back. The dog will pull him and they have the best time ever spending every minute of the day giving each other company. And the most beautiful part is that every time the boy grabs his harmonica and starts playing, the dog goes running towards him, leaving behind whatever he might be doing at the given moment.

The video below is captured one of these mornings while the dog was running along with the horses by the other part of the fence. Than for one moment, he hears the sound of harmonica and detaches immediately to run to his best friend.

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