This Dog Was Spotted Digging Trash, Turns Out He Was Actually Trying To Save Someone’s Life

About a week ago, a police officer spotted his neighbor’s dog digging his nose into some trash. Sometimes dogs go through trash for no reason, just because they like to stick their noses everywhere. But in this case, the pooch had a very good reason to dig in the trash.

First, it looked like the dog had found a  dead kitten, but when they looked closer, they saw a tiny frightened puppy, that was still alive.

Seeing sign of life, the officer contacted an animal rescuer telling them about the found puppy and asking for their help.

The rescuer from the animal center said that being told about a puppy found in trash is one of the saddest things he has had to hear. How can a normal human being do something like this…

The most interesting part of the puppies rescue was that the dog that found him showed signs of affection toward him and didn’t want to leave his side. And so, she was allowed to take care of him.

As much as the dog loved the puppy, she was not producing milk and so they had to find another canine that could nurse the rescued pup.

Now the pup has another parent that is nursing him so he can grow up stronger every passing day.

Although life was harsh at the little puppy at first, now he is being taken care off by two dogs that play the mothers role, not just one. I dare to say, ‘Can he be more lucky?’

Source: BoredPanda

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