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10 Funny Animals Who Might Be Kinda Broken

10 Funny Animals Who Might Be Kinda Broken

Animals who might be kinda broken are considered those animals which have funny attitudes. For example, pets lying in a ridiculous way without thinking about how they look in our eyes.

This article is exactly about the cases when you see a dog or cat and you instantly know that something must be wrong with her/him. Well if it looked like these broken guys right here than you probably were right. Aside from the fact that their attitude is strange, these animals are completely healthy and well.

Animals Who Might Be Kinda Broken

#1 This one is having to much of a blast at these party I’m afraid. She looks like is going to explode.

#2 Something is definitely wrong with him…he looks like is all legs, right?

#3 Hmmm…I am not sure what this little guy here is trying to do.

#4 He either is into yoga or simply does not have a clue how a couch is used.

#5 All I wanna know is why? Just why would a puppy put his head like that while resting.

#6 It looks like his tongue has its own mind…

#7 I think I look very cute posing like this, don’t you?

#8 Someone plz explain what’s going on here

#9 Apparently your dog has clear priorities LOL

#10 Can someone help this broken dog and tell him the truth LOL


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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