10 Heart Melting Stray Dogs Transformation That Give Hope In Second Chances

Being ignored and neglected by society itself, poor stray dog pass their life wondering alone trying to survive another day.  And the way they look and the sadness in their eyes says a lot. It makes you realize how much they have suffered since they have end up looking that miserable.
The initiative of an animal shelter to help with their transformation and boost their chances to be adopted has brought light into this poor creatures destiny. Their goal is to do a total make over to 20000 stray dogs until the end of the year. And we must say that they have done wonders for this abandoned fluffs.

Here are 10 of the most amazing stray dog transformations so far.

#1 This puppy was found on a dog stray all covered in dirt, matted and feeling very uncomfortable. After a good groom and a warm bath now he is a happy pooch ready to be adopted.


#2 This poor pup was chained to a porch on a stormy weather and was found covered in ice all over him and in pretty rough shape. Now he is feeling much better and spends his day playing with other pups.


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