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These 9 dogs will teach how to enjoy a day by the water properly… LoL

Dogs in general are very adventurous. To them everything looks exciting, thrilling, and so much fun. I have never owned a dog personally, but my family has. My mom’s mini Spitz is the happiest dog I have ever seen in my life. She is all hyper all the time, but she hates water. But the dogs I am about to show you in the following pictures feel the absolute opposite about water. They all look too excited when they see the water whether it is for the first time of not. The thing is that they like it, and they are really thrilled to be able to enjoy some time at the water. Take a look at the 9 pictures and gifs below of these dogs, and tell me whether your pooch feels the same or not:

#1- “Thank you so much for this fun day at the ocean mommy. I absolutely love it here.”

What do you think?

For some reason this delightful dog thinks he is a meerkat… LoL

The toad poisoning did not affect the happiness of this adorable Golden Retriever. Oh My Gosh!!!