They adopted her from the streets, so they didn’t knew her breed. When they found out… OMG

Many people are not able to tell the breeds of so many dogs. But that is not the end of this story. Getting to know about the breed of a dog when it is a mutt is even harder. Some people are good at guessing, and others just live with the idea that they have a mutt and that is it. But that is not what happened in the story we are going to share with you today.
It all started when the man (whose name we don’t know,) adopted a dog from the streets. He had occasionally heard about the pup being homeless, so he decided to give this poor pup a shelter. He adopted the puppy, whom he named Phoebe (apparently someone likes the special character in FRIENDS) , and he said that from the first moment he saw her, he felt that she was going to be very special for the whole family.

This is Phoebe when she first got rescued from the streets and adopted to a very caring family.


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