12 funny adorable animal pictures with Snapchat filters. LoL

Looks like everyone is on Snapchat nowadays. People are obsessed with this convenient social media, and looks like they can’t get enough of it. It is one of those apps that grabs your attention immediately, and never lets you get out of it. One of the best things that snapchat has, are its filters. Snapchat’s filters are so catchy, and people have all gone mad for them. Everyone who has a Snapchat account has used its filters at least once. But there’s a trend going on, and I bet you have been part of it. People are using snapchat filters on their pets recently, and I am telling you I have never seen something more entertaining in my life. Today I have decided to share 10 snapchat pictures, and I am sure you are going to fall in love with them as much as I did. Enjoy and please share!!!

#1- “So mommy what am I exactly? I can’t say whether I am a creepy dog, or a species from another planet!!!”


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