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Meet DogVinci, the painter dog who is selling his art for a great cause…

For everyone, life is a big mysterious question mark. No matter how much we try to find our purpose in life, most of the time we fail finding answer to our questions. But it looks like not only humans are in doubt about their life destiny. Pets also struggle to find their real identity. Today I will present you with a really talented dog. He is a Lab mix named Dagger who was going to be a highly trained Assistance Dog for Canine Companions for Independence. He already choose a path in life, but things turned around for good. One day the dog found out that he liked art most specifically painting, so he ended up doing that instead. The pictures below, and the video at the end will better explain Dagger’s art.


Hey everyone meet Dagger the very talented dog painter. They call him DogVinci nowadays because that’s how good this dog actually is. 


What do you think?

The reaction this girl does when she gets her birthday gift is priceless… Oh My

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