Pit-Bull took a bullet for its owner, but sadly was abandoned after!

Before I have said that dogs love us more than their life! In this story you will find out that what I said is absolutely true! I am talking about a Pit-Bull hero! The story happened back in 2012, when this brave Pit-Bull named Kiko wanted to protect its home in Staten Island, NY. A man dressed like a UPS deliveryman tried to break into the house, but the dog did not allowed him. He fought for his owner attacking the thief, but unfortunately he took a bullet in his head. The ungrateful owner of his, after this incident decided to move elsewhere, and did not take the loyal, hero, brave Pit-Bull with him! In the end Kiko was shot in his head, and was abandoned from its owner. Luckily Kiko was saved from an rescue organization called “Mighty Mutts”, and started a brand new life from zero! The following pictures will take you through his recovery journey that has a happy ending!
Kiko when he was shot

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