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When you see his big white teeth you will get scared to death, but the truth is completely different from what it looks…

No matter how much we try, we will never truly understand what is it like to be a dog. they have their own world, they live up to their rules,and they treat one-another based on their “Bill of Rights.” Even though their behavior might seem a little too harsh, it is not necessarily what it looks like. We never know why dogs do something at a given moment because we are not like them. The reason I said all this is because of a video I will show you.
We are talking about a father German Shepherd and a son who are comfortably resting in a couch. At one moment the little puppy starts playing with his daddy. And daddy of course responds to his son’s call. So the two of them start a cute, laid of play between them. At first you will see the father showing his big white teeth to his son, and it looks like from moment to moment he will bite, but that is untrue. You will see as the video goes on, that that is how the father of this cute little baby plays.

Even though he is a father now, it doesn’t mean that he can’t play the way he wants to play. One thing is for sure that he is not going to harm his little one in no way because he has 0 intentions in doing it. Whomever has a pet knows that they love to bite when they play, but their bites does not cause any greater harm other than a few redness in the skin and maybe scratches. Please don’t panic that is not dangerous or painful. It is just that their way of playing differs from ours.

What do you think?

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