She saved her dog from the deadly Python!

This story will catch your breath away! They say that you find strength in the moments you need to be strong the most! I have never ever doubt that! Well clearly a woman named Stacy experienced the same just a couple of weeks ago! It all started one beautiful morning, when Stacy decided to take a walk her dog Pippa! It was not just a regular walk at the park, it was a walk at a park in Hong-Kong! Stacy has a job that requires her to travel a lot around the world! For the past eight years, Pippa her life companion has always been with her! Just a little after going out, Stacey was not feeling Pippa walking along with her. She looked back and what she saw is probably the most horrifying scene in the world! A giant python was wrapping around Pippa, and was squeezing her to death!
Horrified she started screaming because she was scared to approach the snake! Luckily her friend was walking his dog also, and helped her. He threw a big rock on the Python’s face, and he struck down. Still he was squeezing the dog, and that’s when Stacy saw that Pippa’s eyes were filling with blood because of the deadly crushing force of the snake! Filled with anger she started ripping and pulling the snake together with her coworker! Luckily the Python decided not to fight. He let go of Pippa, and left!

Pippa is alive, Stacy and her coworker are OK, and everyone’s happy for the happy ending! Apparently Hong-Kong was not as beautiful, and welcoming as they thought!

PythonSource: LoveURDogs

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