Simon came across a little puppy who is going through the same way he did. This is how he is supporting his little friend.

Simon a border collie is currently located at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC a rescue shelter in New York. He ended up in the shelter because he was badly abused, and this facility took care of him. While recovering, recently he meet a friend at the shelter. His name is Sammie and he is a four-month old border mix. The poor little puppy has suffered a lot. You would think that he only is four-months, but life has been so harsh on him.
Simon, a border collie recovering from his injuries, came towards Sammie, a 4-month-old boxer mix, and carefully rested his paw on Sammie’s. Even though both dogs were rescued weeks apart, it looked as if Simon knew exactly what Sammie was going through on a surgery table at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

“They met at the vet and Simon was immediately drawn to Sammie,” Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, told Bored Panda. “He is protective over him.”

These two first meet where Sammie was in a surgery table. As soon as Simon noticed the little puppy, he approached and carefully rested his paw on Sammie’s. You would think that Simon already knew what his newest friend was going through. 


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