All it takes to fall in love with a puppy is that cute adorable head tilt they do… These 12 puppies will show ya!!

Falling in love with puppies is not an hard task to achieve, but I have to tell you, these adorable pooches use their charms to make us fall madly in love with them even more day after day. One of their charming tricks is the head tilt. Puppies love to do a head tilt every time they want to make us love them even more than what we already do. Sometimes they do the head tilt when they get amazed by something, but I am telling you guys, they use this as a way to catch us. You don’t believe me? Then why don’t you go ahead and take a look at the following 12 adorable puppies, and tell me whether that head tilt made you fall in love or not…. I couldn’t resist!!!!

1- “What do you mean you have no idea what a head tilt is??”

head titl8

What do you think?

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