This is her way of increasing awareness of less fortunate animals. Wow…

A very talented girl has decided to give her contribution for animals in a total different way. What she does is way different from what we have seen usually. She has decided to help less fortunate animals by drawing their portraits. This is how she describes the process that gave her the idea of doing what she already does: “When I started walking dogs at one of my local animal shelters, Stray Rescue of St. Louis, I immediately fell in love with so many of the adorable pups there. I began drawing portraits of some of my most beloved dogs, partly just for fun and partly as a way to remember the ones who have moved on to their forever homes.”

She thinks that anything could help to make the lives of these less fortunate animals less miserable. She already knows that donations are a huge help, but also increasing awarness of abandoned/stray dogs is a big deal. She draws portraits of different pets, and after selling these portraits to their owners, a portion of the money goes to different shelters as a donation. The talented girl says that even the smallest donation, can make a huge difference in animals lives. The six following pictures show some of the portraits this amazing painter has painted so far:

#1- Meet the loving, caring, adorable Reindeer. So tell me, could you ever resist to a face like that?


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