When her favorite show is on, this dog can’t stop doing this…

Derby is one happy little dog, that enjoys watching TV shows, more than you all could imagine. Since her parents know about her addiction to this Dog TV show, they decided to share her excitement with the rest of the world. One day they decided to record their baby watching her favorite show of all time. What you will see in the video below, is a true delight.
As soon as the show starts, Derby starts moving her paws up and down in excitement. Even thought she is watching the TV series from the TV, she is fully immersed into the show. She is fully concentrated in every scene that is taking place in the show, and instantly she copies the moves of the “famous dog”. The fact that the dog is crazy about the show, explains everything she does while watching it.

Little Derby is enjoying her favorite show more than you could ever think. For an instant moment, she thinks that she is at the beach with her buddy catching the frisbee. Nothing makes this dog any happier than pretending for a little while that she is part of the show. We can all tell that being part of the show, is a dream for this beautiful creature. Her dedication and admiration show the big love Derby has for the show, and I have to tell that she is a really special dog. I have never seen a dog getting attached to a show, the way this special dog has. She is just a delight, and we truly wish she gets to watch every episode of her favorite show of all time. Enjoy the video!!

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