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You won’t believe this is actually a Rottweiler…. OH MY

Some people think that big strong muscled dogs are always dangerous and vicious. People imagine that dogs like Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Boxers etcetera are nothing but a threat to our species. Well I have said this a couple of times, but I don’t mind saying it again. Dogs will behave and act, just like they are raised and treated. For example if a Pit Bull has been trained since puppy to become a fight dog, then he will become a strong dangerous, life-threatening dog. But if the Pit Bull is raised in a family with children, and he is treated like a house pet, then he will be nothing but a sweet, loving dog.
For example in the video below you will see a big, strong, muscled Rottweiler playing in the trampoline. That guy is really going crazy over that thing you guys I am telling you. Even though he might has played before, he is enjoying it like he will never have the chance to hop on it ever again. You can tell that he is over the clouds right now. He is having so much fun jumping and going in circles on the trampoline. Now you tell me guys, would you ever think that this dog would be dangerous to you? And I am not talking about extreme cases when the dog goes mad because something might bother him. I am talking about the daily basis activities. Would you think that this dog would harm you in any way if you ever met him at the park? I don’t believe so because he looks like nothing but a happy baby whose biggest dream turned into reality. Enjoy yourselves and tell me what do you think… As for me, I fell in love with his happy personality…

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