8 Signs that prove If You are the best dog owner ever

“I get my Off the Leash ideas from knowing dogs’ characters well and using my imagination, and also observing other people’s dogs.” This is what the creative director of Off the Leash, Rupert Fawcett, has once said. While doing all the observation about dogs, Fawcett has sketched some amazing cartoons that show a really relevant reality about what we would like to call “GOOD DOG OWNERS.” Wanna know what makes you the best dog owner? then you better go through the following 8 cartoons. If most of these cartoons apply to you, then you are definitely the best dog owner out there. Enjoy:
1- Your dogs comes always first. Anyone else comes right after your dog. good owner
2- You are a good owner, if you treat your dog as if it was your biological child. You take care of your dog in the best way possible, and you make sure to make your dog as happy as he/she can ever be.

good owners

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