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Is This Dog Saving This Driver’s Life From A Car Crash?

Dog saving driver’s life to show us once again that miracles happen. Our four-legged friends make miracles possible by protecting us from any unpredictable events. We are more than aware that animals have very developed senses when it comes to natural phenomenons.

Especially dogs are truly amazing when it comes to alert about something. They have saved their owners life from sniffing out cancer, alerting of impending seizures etc. These examples show us what we already knew in theory. But are this abilities that powerful to even alert a driver about an upcoming accident…

How far do their abilities really go. A driver was waiting for the traffic when a dog rushed in front of the car, barfing loudly as if he was trying to warn him about something. After passing the first intersection the dog continued to block him from moving forward. Than when finally the driver reaches to let the dog behind, right at the coming intersection he crushes with another car.

dog saving drivers life
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Is it a coincidence or was that Dog saving driver’s life because they sense the danger?

What do you think?

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