If You Like Big Dogs, You Will Love Leonbergers


As cute and adorable dogs are, one can not help but have preferences when it comes to adopt or even buy a pup. If you like big dogs than take a look at these Leonbergers. How knows…you might fall in love with these fluff balls and decide to adopt them right here, right know.

#1 While still little, Leonbergers are small and look like  little chubby balls.

#2 Than months go by and they grow up, transforming into a very big dog without losing their fluffiness.

#3 Seeing them from far away, they seems like lions because of their big size and long fluffy fur.

#4 But don’t be fooled by their huge size cause from the inside they are as sweet as a newborn pup.

#5 And since they are so sweet, they are perfect to be around big families with kids.

#6 Leonbergers love their humans deeply and would do anything for them.

#7 If you thought that they are affectionate and gentle only with humans you’re wrong cause they love other animals just as well.

#8 Regardless of their size…all animals are loved the same by this massive big hearted dogs.

#9 And the best of all is that they are very obedient as breed, which makes it much easier for their owners to train them.

#10 Leonbergers are healthy and strong without any kind of vulnerabilities.

#11 These breed is very intelligent, friendly and quite described as chill and easy going dogs.

What do you think?

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