Owner Suprised When His 2 White Dogs Deliver BLACK Puppies, And Now Everyone Demands A Pupternity Test

The case of two all white dogs that made all black puppies. Sure they were beautiful and simply perfect but lets face it. It is kind of awkward and made everyone wonder whether the mother of the pups was faithful or not.

As the owner said when the first puppy was delivered she actually thought it was funny that one of the puppies was all black, but than seeing the others coming out all black to she got a little bit confused.

Although they knew their dog well, one thought was that perhaps she had been unfaithful and had wondered around with some dog other than the families puddle.

On the other hand if it is not that the case, there is a simple explanation. It is proven that two white furred dogs can deliver puppies that are not white as them.

The two of them might have the color ‘black’ gene herited from their parents and now the gene has become dominant giving them all black pups.

Knowing all these information the dog owners couldn’t stop joking around about this. Sure they more than happy that all the puppies are safe and sound, but how can one let pass something like this. So she posted it on social media writing “I’m just happy we have beautiful healthy pups and eventually we’ll see if they look like daddy”.

And here are some of the reactions it invoked.

What do you think?


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