This Husky hasn’t seen her friend since they were puppies — but watch the door


This Husky hasn’t seen her friend in a while, but the miracle will happen. The following video brings to your attention the extraordinary relationship that two puppies have built with each other. They grew up together for a while and then had to be separate to live in different families.

Than fate took them on different roads and they grew apart, without seeing each other for several years.

Than one day as one of them was taken to have a look out of the door, there was the other dog waiting for the big reunion. Seeing the dogs hug for minutes after seeing each other was inspiring. This video inspires humans to love people and animals even more. It also remind us to care for each other and to never forget our old friends.

Enjoy it and let us know what you think. This Husky hasn’t seen her friend since they were puppies

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