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4 Valuable Tips To Get Your Husky To Stop Digging

stop your husky from digging around

Huskies are a breed that is well known for their digging habit. This happens because of their high energy level. Huskies need to do something at all times to release the built up energy otherwise they will end up digging holes to keep themselves busy and moving. An other idea is that happens because it is who they are. Dog breeds made to live in cold areas, dig holes to create a warm place to keep them selves warm when temperatures go below zero. As much as they might like to dig there are a few tricks you can try to make your Husky leave his digging days behind.

#1 The first and most important tip is to keep an eye on your Husky. Figuring out what to do about their digging hobby will take some time therefore management is crucial. If he will be supervised all the time while he is hanging out in the yard, chances of him digging a hole are practically none.

#2 Huskies have a lot of energy that needs to be directed. Keep them active by walking, playing, running etc. If you keep up with an active pace by the end of the day he will be tired and the last thing on his mind will be digging up a hole on the back yard.

#3 And in case you don’t have enough time to spend some of it keeping your Husky active, than provide him with some self-play toys to distracted and keep him busy.

#4 There is much more to the Huskies digging obsession than it meets the eye. As true as it is that they do it to release some energy there is another reason to it, and that is because it is rewarding. They love the smell of the dirt and its texture on their paws. Sometimes huskies can get so obsessed with digging that your only option might be getting them a sand or dirt box. Once you got that checked, get some kids or dog toys and dig them in there for your pooch to find.

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