10 Household Items That Are Poisonous to Dogs

Household Items That Are Poisonous to Dogs

Items That Are Poisonous to Dogs can be found everywhere in our homes. My advice to any pet parent is this: be careful with every product you bring into the home. If one of these products listed below is in your home, be careful with your dog.

Do not allow him to visit every corner of your property reducing the risk of poisoning him. Many animals grow up without rules, leading them to unknown diseases. Some of which may be caused by different household items.

Items That Are Poisonous to Dogs

1- Antifreeze

It is widely used in our houses during winter time. Make sure to put your antifreeze in a closet where your dog cannot get in!items that are poisonous to dogs

2- Batteries

Batteries might cause a lot of serious health problems for your pet! If your dog chews on a battery their mouth can be burned because of the potassium hydroxide!Items That Are  Poisonous to Dogs

3- Chocolate

If your dog eats a lot of chocolate can get seriously ill! Chocolate has caffeine and theobromine that are both toxic to dogs. The darker the chocolate, the most dangerous it is!Items That Are  Poisonous to Dogs

4- Detergents

All the detergents that you have in your house; soaps, dish detergents, fabric softener and so on, are poisonous items if swallowed from your dog!Items That Are  Poisonous to Dogs

5- Prescription drugs

They can cause serious health damages if your dog eats them. Make sure to keep these poisonous items out of your dog reach!Items That Are  Poisonous to Dogs

6- Insecticides and Pesticides

They can be seriously life threatening to dogs!sweet dogs

7- Over the counter Medications

They are not too strong; pain relievers, aspirin, ibuprofen, but can cause serious health problems, especially to your small puppies.keep your dog safe

8- Silica Gel Pacs

They are usually found in new shoes, new purses or backpacks, new electronic devices and so on! They can be a problem if too much used, otherwise they just cause an upset stomach!keep your dog safe

9- Xylitol

Used as a sugar replacement, but can be seriously toxic for your dog. Make sure to keep this poisonous item in your kitchen where your dog cannot reach it!take care of your dog

10- Rodenticides

take care of your dog
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This is a toxic ingredient found in rat and mouse poisons. Save your dog, do don’t live them around the house!

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