5 of the Best Dog Movies Ever

Dogs have shown to us not just love and loyalty, but also their ability of being good actress. Films with their presence have appeared since the beginning of cinema. This article will make a ranking of the most famous films with them. At last they know how to grab our attention. They are smart, beautiful, and very dear to us. If you have not seen these films yet we suggest you to. Here there are 5 of the best dog movies ever.
1-Turner & Hooch.

It’s a film of 1989 and shows how a detective (Turner), got in his house the only witness of a murder. Hooch is a French mastiff, who misbehave at the beginning of the movie. After some time the two protagonists begin to work together, focusing on their work. They become good friends and work colleagues. This movie cost $ 21 million and collet $ 71,079,915. Not bad.

Turner and Hooch movie

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