Lap Dogs: Here are the best 10

If you are a person that needs a lot of affection and love try to consider one of these Lap Dogs. Their favorite thing to do is to sit. They can sit on your lap all day long, just because they really enjoy it. They always know what they want. If they want to eat they will go at their food tray, and wait there until you feed them. If they want to play, they bring you their toys, and leave them right there in front of you. You will have no choice, but play! Lastly when they want you to pet them, they will sit on your lap, or lay next to you. Find out which are the 10 Best Lap Dogs, and get one home for yourself!

1- Bedlington Terrier

All they need is attention, love and affection. They will not feel happy unless you pet them.

Bendlington Terrier

What do you think?

What looked like a pile of trash, was a little pup.

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