Grooming your husky

grooming and caring for a huskyMaintaining you Siberian in top condition is essential for his health and happiness. Too many people view grooming as some dreaded chore but it really isn’t, the Siberian Husky is a comparatively easy dog to care for and grooming is your opportunity to spend some quality time with your dog. Siberians are by nature a fastidiously clean dog  and they clean themselves a lot like cats. Bathing requirements are minimal and many owners only bath their dog once a year.
When Do Huskies Shed Their Coats?
Most huskies shed their coats twice per year, once in the spring and again in the fall, but a few huskies shed only once annually, usually in the spring. In extremely warm climates (think desert or tropics) some huskies may shed continually.
Your soft and silky husky is actually wearing two coats. The topcoat is made up of long, water-repellent guard hairs that insulate the dog from heat, cold, damp and sunburn. The undercoat is the super fluffy, thick fur that keeps these sled dogs toasty at temperatures as cold as 80 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.
To keep your Siberian Husky’s coat in top condition, you need certain tools. The most important of these is a slicker brush, which is a brush with a slanted head containing fine, metal pins set in a rubber cushion. The brush pulls dead hairs from the outer coat, while detangling mats in the undercoat. It stimulates the dog’s skin gently, removing any dander or dead skin cells from the skin and giving the coat a soft shine. The cushion effect protects the dog’s skin from pressure during brushing. Besides the slicker, you need a curry comb or rake, a spray bottle of water containing a little conditioner specially formulated for dogs, a portable hair dryer, nail clippers, and a small pair of scissors.
Your grooming routine should include a flea inspection. Use a fine toothed metal flea comb, keep a glass of hot water nearby to dip the flea bearing comb in – the fleas will drown.

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