Human Food That Are Harmful For Your Pet To Eat

We are used to give food our pets under the table all the time, thinking that we spoil our little ones with good treats. The truth is that there are specific human foods that when eaten from our pets can cause them problems in the digestive tracks or even worse are toxic to them. This are some of foods that you should never feed to your pet.
Chocolate can cause heart attacks

-Chocolate, if it is given in toxic doses causes agitation, diarrhea, seizures and even death in some cases. The dark chocolate due to its concentration it is more toxic than a milk chocolate.

-Macadamia nuts, although known as a super food for humans causes weakness, tremors and wobbliness in pets.

-Mushrooms are known to be very toxic depending on the variety. Always keep an eye on your dog while outside, if he happens to find any kind of mushrooms.

-Onions can lead to anemia when consumed in toxic amounts.

-Bread Dough when consumed by pets because the mass expands in the stomach, staying there for a long period of time and turning into alcohol due to fermentation, leading so to intoxication.

-Grapes can cause kidney damage for still unknown reason to us.

-Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in almost everything, especially on sodas and gums. Even small amounts of it lead to hypoglycemia in pets.

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