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What this man is doing for senior shelter dogs is priceless…

It is sad t think that senior shelter dogs don’t get the same attention from, as much as the youngsters do. Everyone should understand that senior dogs are as good as youngsters. All they want is love, and a loving home. But sadly, their age and often unkempt appearances leave them invisible in the eyes of many. So what a professional dog groomer did for senior dogs, is just the sweetest thing you will ever see. His name is Mark Imhof, and he visits Animal Care Centers of NYC to give old dogs free baths and haircuts so they could finally find a home. Imhof was inspired by his fiancée. “She didn’t want to see me go for another soulless job, and she saw the joy I had when I interacted with our animals,” says Imhof.

This is the kind of transformation we are talking about. Pretty major don’t you think? Well the following 10 pictures surprise you even more. Enjoy

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