Meet Beyonce! The smallest puppy in the world ( 5 Pictures)

Although only 2 weeks, Beyoncé can stay easily on the palm of the hand. The cub weights only 113 grams and is very cute. But you have to know her story. According to a report obtained by CBS station, Sacramento, the puppy is named Beyonce in honor of the singer which has a song titled “Survivor”, is one of the five cubs born from the intersection of Dachshund with a Chihuahua.
Casey is the mother of Beyonce  was found abandoned and pregnant. After the animal police found Casey, was decided that because of overcrowding to put her down. But it was taken by the “Grace”, a foundation that deals with finding adoptive families for abandoned animals.

After five days on March 8, Casey gave birth to 5 beautiful cubs. The first four were born  without any problems, but the fifth had some problems, Beyonce was extremely small, under weight and bore no heartbeat and also no breathing. Dr Russell veterinarian of the foundation, who was there at the moment when Casey gave birth was able to restore it to life by  putting her small heart to work, and also the founder of the “Grace”, Beth De Caprion gave mouth to mouth cpr, helping her to live.

When Beyonce was born she was so small that she could fit in a spoon. Since then the puppy is fed  every hour and according to the foundation she is normal in everything else. After being fed very intensively for 2 weeks it has grown as big as an iPhone. Beyonce is expected to grow by becoming no more than 3.2-3.3 kg.

Foundation “Grace” has already applied to put Beyonce in Guinness Book of Records as the smallest puppy born and survived. Meet Beyonce! The smallest puppy in the world.


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