Parasites, pets, and children

Hookworms and toxocariasis are parasitic nematodes that live in the gastrointestinal apparatus of dogs  (toxocariasis canis) and cats (toxocariasis roof) been drafted and these parasites can affect humans (zoonoses). More than 600 million cases have been reported in people affected by these parasites.Nearly 30 to 50% of dogs and cats have these parasites.People get infected from the same parasite that affects animals .Children, and people who have weak immune system are most vulnerable.
Child with puppy husky

Dogs / cats infected with hookworms and toxocariasis by walking (walking) in places where infected dog and cats had already walked.Eggs and larvae of the parasites (microscopic size) get attached to the legs of healthy animals .So when the dog / cat get cleaned or licked, larvae and eggs pass to digestive system getting infected .Three weeks later infected animals spread the eggs and larvae of parasites everywhere and in large quantities through defecation.

Children and dogs

If your child and dog / cat lick themselves and then licks the children, if your child plays with the dog / cat or touches it, he / she received in this way the eggs or larvae of parasites being infected in this way to these parasites.Dogs may have ticks which can transmit to man various diseases: anaplasm, babesios, tularemia, borrelia etc.Children can be affected by these diseases if playing with the dog / cat exposing themselves to ticks, and then when the cat sleeps in our bed enabling in this way the issuance of the tick in bed.

Cats can become infected by Ankilostomozat (hookworms) and Askaridoza even when they hunt for food and eat infected animals for example an infected mouse.

How can we prevent the transmission to our children?

Keep the dog / cat in prevention against external parasites and insiders, throughout the year.

Clean your garden as often as you can from your dog’s feces.

Talk to your veterinarian to make possible the analysis of feces (excrement)  of your pet at least once in 6 months.

We note that the eggs and larvae of parasites in dogs and cats are microscopic and visible only through a microscope.

Teach your children to wash their hands after they play or touch the dog or cat.

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