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These dogs in a remote part of the North need your help ASAP

You might not know this, but life is a little bit too cruel for dogs in the Northern part of the Canada. The city of Iqaluit which lies near the top of the globe, is the city capital of the Canadian territory of Nunavut. We are talking about a really small city, with only 7.000 residents. In this small city is located the Iqaluit Humane Society. The thing is that this shelter has a hard time finding homes for the over 25 dogs that it houses every month. And yet, this shelter still manages to be the only no-kill shelter in the area.
In a video below you will learn the truth about this shelter, and I can tell you that it is really inspiring. Over the last couple of years, this shelter has partnered with the Canadian North Airlines to transport dogs to the SPCA in Quebec for adoption. Just recently the airline has declared that they will be stopping the service because of some scheduling issues. This means that the Iqaluit Humane Society has to find another airline to partner with, or otherwise they have to start euthanizing some of the dogs. We all know that that would be really heartbreaking, so please watch the video below, and give your contribution to keep this shelter doing what it does.


Here are some of the dogs who need some help to beth through these hard times:






If you would like to help this shelter then here is the information you need to know.

Make a small contribution to save a life. These poor creatures need to find a forever loving home, and living in the North makes their dream impossible. Start making a change for yourself, and for the world. Please follow the information below on how to make a contribution.


Source: Viralnova

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