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What they did to this poor pit-bull is really sad, but this is what happened…

An injured pit-bull was found in the middle of nowhere from a woman who decided to save his life. The poor dog had been shot by a monster, and if someone didn’t find him in time, his life would be in critical conditions. The woman in the video, Tea, who found the dog took him to Cypress Lake Animal Hospital because he was in really bad condition. The person who shot the poor creature and left him to die for god knows how long.
Fortunately the staff at the Cypress Lake Animal Hospital took really good care of the dog, and just in a few weeks he was able to walk again. Of course he has not recovered completely from the incident. It is really understandable to think that the dog is not going to run in just two weeks, but the important think is that he is out of danger. The staff at the Animal Hospital is taking care of him, and they think that now is just a matter of time for him to recover completely.

In the meantime they decided to name the Pit-bull Curtis after Curtis Jackson (50Cent) because they both went through the same thing. They were both shot, and they became strong and resisted through the tough times. We really hope Curtis recovers as soon as possible, and we wish him well. No animal in the world deserves to be treated the same way. No dog deserves the cruelty of these kind of monsters. Unfortunately we have no clue who shot the dog, or what happened to the person who did this to Curtis, but we believe in KARMA, so whoever did this is going to pay one way or another.

Dont hesitate to share the video with friends and family. Animal cruelty has to come to an end because what is happening to these poor creatures is not fair.

Source: Viralnova

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