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These tigers in Siberia have the cutest nannies ever. OMG

For tigers in Siberia is really difficult to socialize. That is the reason why Siberians have tried a new way to make the little cubs a little bit more sociable. The Siberians thought that in order for the little cubs to socialize, they have to hang out and interact with different species. Please don’t freak out, they did not put tigers with humans. instead they decided to put a few German Shepherds dogs to interact with the tigers.
German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, and this breed is highly skilled at interacting with other animals, or humans. It is really great to see the little tiger cubs playing with the little puppies. They have the cutest games, and at the end of the day, they have respect for one another. Putting the little cubs to play with the little puppies, helps both parties remaining sociable, and caring towards one another. It also help these two creatures to develop their perceptions. This means that both animals should not be scared when they see other animals not similar to them. “If an animal does not pose any threats, then you should not necessarily attack.” 

The video below will show you a little bit of these animals socializing sessions. I will have to repeat that animals act they way they have been raised, and trained. If you train them well, and raise them with a lot of care, then they are not necessarily dangerous. For more please watch the video below, and don’t hesitate to share with your friends and family.

Source: Viralnova

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