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The Benefits From Feeding Oats To Your Pets

Oats have various nutritional values, are curative and best of all very inexpensive. Oats have been added to our animal’s diet for many years know because of the many health benefits they supply for the body. They can be taken internally or can be applied directly to the skin.
Because of their healing powers, oats can be applied directly to the skin or if taken internally they need to be cooked and than you can just add them to your pet’s normal food.

Oats contain up to 27-37 % protein, soluble fiber that helps keep the cholesterol levels low, and also has levels of iron, maganese, zinc, B vitamins, pantothenic acid, B5, folate and B9. Oats are low in gluten which is a good thing and also are not grown using GMO.


It is a fact that oats are a nervine which is an herbal compound that acts as a nerve tonic. Meaning that it calms and stimulates their activity as is needed and necessary for the body.

Several body organs can benefit from the consumption of oats, including here the skin, nervous system, stomach, lungs, urinary and reproductive system etc. Oats contain the antitumor compound b-sitosterol, they also act as a digestive aid to calm the instestinal tract and is also used to achieve hormonal balance. The consumption of oats helps treat a wide variety of diseases as mental or physical exhaustion, depression, inflammatory conditions, insomnia, fevers etc.

Except the internal benefits that come from adding oats to your pets diet several times a week, oat provides also external benefits for the skin. Applying oats on the skin soothes itchiness and eczema and they also contain high levels of minerals and vitamins in the seeds that may help heal the skin.

Oats can be used topically as shampoos with many added healing herbs  that are calming, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and already available in stores or you might want to consider a soak for more anti-itch and anti-inflammatory actions.  Oats can even be used as a dry shampoo to help dry oily-itchy skin.

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